endangered syndrome

Help us get the support we need. sign the petition BY SHARING.
By the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s own criteria, the Down syndrome community qualifies as endangered in many parts of the world. So we're going to be the first humans ever to apply to be on the Endangered List. By sharing on social media, you’re signing our petition to the IUCN to ensure that we get the support we need.

Why is the Down syndrome community endangered?


with the global population shrinking, so is our support. here’s what we need to survive.


Ensure our right to work and be self-sufficient,
active members of society.


Recognize our right to live independently with
more housing facilities and decreased wait times.


Provide more support and services to facilitate
inclusion in our communities.


Remove educational barriers and guarantee
better support for students with Down syndrome.


Public education to challenge stigma and
misperception of people with Down syndrome.

I have worked as an ambassador for businesses and charitable organizations in my community. I have a passion for music and video games and I hope to one day join the team who lead worship at my church.
I love acting, dancing and art. I have a part time job at a costume store, where I am a Shop Assistant. I have recently launched a line of Holiday themed greeting cards.

With the support of my family and friends I am ROCKIN LIFE!
I'm very passionate about acting and my career that I love having in my life.

My hobbies are: Screenplay writing, freestyle hip hop dancing, being a strong advocate for people with disabilities, and being an actress in film/television.
I'm a professional actor with many film credits, including the lead role in an award winning film "The Rainbow Kid". I am also an avid gamer and have my own channel on YouTube "Dylan Kurosaki", where I record and edit all my own work.